1. Who can use wireless in CIT?

A. Staff members and students members can use wireless full time within the college. Guest members can get wireless but need to request for permission, for more details see question 6.

2. What Wireless do I use?

A. Both Staff and Students avail of the eduroam network, but use different installers. Please see for more installations and guides.

3. How do I setup Wireless on my Laptop/Mac/Smartphone?

A. To learn how to set up wireless on your device, click here

4. Can I use CIT Wireless outside of the college?

A. Yes, eduroam wireless networks are available on other campuses that use the service. This is true for campuses abroad also. 

5. Wireless seems to be slow?

A. Wireless speed depends on how much bandwidth is being used by the users who are using wireless. The more people using the wireless, the slower the speed.

6. What requirements are needed to set up guest wireless?

A. The requirements needed to set up wireless for a guest member in CIT are as followed.

  • Personal Name
  • Length of time required online
  • Name of Company/Department
  • CIT staff requesting access for the guest.

The person emailing on the guests behalf, needs to log a call through here

7. What do I need before connecting to the CIT wireless?

A. You need a Wireless enabled device, not all laptops have built in wireless. 

11. I'm having trouble accessing wireless, who do I contact for assistance?

A. If your having troubles connecting to the CIT wireless, contact servicedesk at 021-4335050 or email them at