General queries

1. What is Core Portal?
A. Core Portal is a web-based self-service that provides MTU employees with access to payroll, e-recruitment and personnel details online.

2. What can I use Core Portal for at the moment?
  • view and print your pay slip
  • view and track your MTU expense payments and print expense remittances
  • view and amend personal details such as contact details, next of kin and dependent details
  • apply for posts using eRecruitment

3. When is my payslip available?
  • Weekly paid - normally 08:00 am on Thurs. Payment usually in bank account on Friday morning.
  • Monthly paid - 09:00 am on the last working day of the month.

4. Will Banks and Financial Institutions accept a printed version of my online payslip as proof of payment?
A. Yes, Banks and Financial Institutions will accept a print out of the online payslip as proof of payment.

5. Will I receive a P60 from this new system?
A. No, P60s will still be produced and delivered via the current method.

6. Can I change bank account and health insurance details online?
  • You cannot change bank account details (contact HR Office)
  • You cannot change home address (contact HR Office)
  • You cannot change Health Insurance details (contact Payroll Office)

User Management

7. Why has my web page gone blank/session closed down?

A. The system will automatically close down inactive accounts after 3 mins.

Do not use the Back and Forward arrows in browser. Must navigate from within portal

8. Why is my account locked?

A. Your account will lock if you enter an incorrect Staff No/Password combination 5 times.

Are you entering your windows password? Check your Num lock.

The staff number used must not include the RSSS.

9. I cannot access the web page using Safari etc

A. Core recommend that you use Internet Explorer or Firefox if possible

When I put in my staff no a red X appears next to the box.

A. The system doesn't recognize the number you have entered. Either you entered the wrong number or you have not been set up as a Core Portal User. Contact Des Carroll.

10. When I click on the link to Core Portal I get PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED.

A. Check that the client IP address is cleared on the Firewall for An Cheim (Aidan McDonald). Get IP address.


11. If I unlock my account can I use the same password.

A. Yes

12. What passwords can I use?

A. Passwords can be between 4 and 8 characters long alphanumeric but at least one number must be used.

13. What if I forget my password?

A. On the Core Portal login page click on Forgot your Login? A system generated temporary password will be emailed to you at your email address.

14. I requested a new password but haven't received an email with the new one.

A. It can take up to 10 mins to receive the email

Check with HR to ensure that we have the correct email address for you.