Detailed Caller Information

To make a call one to one, to another Video Conference Unit over IP

  • The IP address for this VC system is; give this number to your callers so that they can reach you.
  • If you need technical assistance, call the Service Desk on 5050. No phone has been allocated to this room as of yet.
  • Check that both power socket switches are on. The power button for the TV is located on the bottom far right and the button for the VC system is at the back on the left (as you view from the front) of the oval shaped unit on top of which sits the camera.
  • There is a microphone in the cabinet. It is best placed on the desk. If it shows a red light, it has been muted. A button on top of the microphone or the microphone button on the remote will reverse whatever its current state is.
  • It is useful to adjust the lighting and the blinds as the camera is sensitive to areas of contrasting light and darkness.
  • The VC system is displayed on the Video 2 input of the TV.
  • Once operational, the VC remote (usually kept by King Chee) can be used to access the VC directory. Scroll up and down the list. If your desired destination is not there it can be manually entered at the line where the last made call is shown. Just delete this with the left arrow button and input the destination IP address along with the dots, e.g.,
  • Once this is input, or chosen from the directory, press the green call button. A ringing will be heard after which the link should be created. To break the link, simply press the red call button on the remote.


How to call CIT

  • The IP address for this VC system is; give this number to your callers so that they can reach you.
  • If a party wishes to be the caller all they need is the IP address of our system given above. Make sure the equipment is up and running.
  • Failure to make a connection means a breakdown somewhere in the IP link between the caller and the responder. This can be investigated with the aid of technical assistance.

How to call with multiple parties and how to receive a call from ISDN

  • A multi-party link can be set up by the use of ‘rooms’. Most HEA clients have an assigned room with its unique number. The CIT room is number 129. People can be invited to enter a host room.
  • To do this, connect to HEA MCU from the directory. A list of rooms will be presented on the screen. Press the far camera key on the remote and type in the destination room number followed by a # or scroll to the destination room and enter. You will know at once if you have been successful.
  • The entity hosting the multi-party call must also enter their own room to be part of the video conference.
  • The direct IP number of the Multi-Conference Unit in HEANET is All parties should connect to this IP address and then the relevant room number (129 in the case of CIT)
  • Should someone wish to dial us on ISDN (because they have no IP), they can dial 003530110051129 to dial directly into our room, we follow the steps above to enter the CIT room. OR they can also dial003530110051 to dial into the main Multi conference bridge and enter the actual room number for CIT (129)  or for another HEAnet customer. A full list of all HEAnet customers MCU room numbers is available on the video conference system.


When finished, switch everything off and leave the equipment as you found it.