Printers Interface Screen



1. Touch Panel: Displays various screens and messages.

2. Main Power Indicator: Lights up green to indicate that the machine is turned on.

3. Sub Power Switch: Press to turn on/off machine operations.

4. Mode Memory Key: Registers the desired copy/fax/scan settings.

5. Utility/Counter Key: Display the Meter Count screen and the utility Screen.

6. Reset Key: Clears all settings entered in the control panel and touch panel.

7. Interrupt Key: Enters the machine into interrupt mode.

8. Stop Key: Stop will halt all copying, scanning and printing temporarily.

9. Proof Copy Key: Prints a single proof copy to be checked before printing a large number of copies.

10. Start Key: Starts the copy, scan or fax operation, indicator will light up blue.

11. Data Indicator: Flashes in blue while a print job is being received or printing.

12. Clear key: Press to clear a value (number of copies, zoom ratio, or size)

13. Keypad: Used to type in the number of copies, zoom ratio, or a size.

14. Help Key: Press to display the Help Menu screen.

15. Enlarge Display Key: Press to enter Enlarge Display mode.

16. Accessibility Key: Displays a screen for specifying settings for user accessibility functions.

17. Power Save Key: Machine enters into Power Save Mode.

18. Access Key: Not being used on the CIT Printing machines.

19. Brightness Dial: Adjusts the brightness of the touch panel

20. User Box Key: Machine enters User Box Mode.

21. Fax/Scan Key: Enter Fax/Scan Mode.

22. Copy Key: Enter Copy Mode.

The Printers interface screen located in front the printer, is used to interact with the printer and its settings. When photocopying, scan your student card at the kiosk and choose copy on the kiosk screen. The printers interface screen will automatically display the Basic Settings page where you can change how your content be printed like page size, colour or duplex.


Photocopying & Scanning

When scanning or photocopying, the Konica Minolta printer machines give you two ways to do it. If you want to photocopy multiple pages all at once rather than do them serparatly, follow example one. Make sure the text/images on the pages are facing up and not down as shown in Example 1. When aligned appropriately, press Start on the screen interface and it will take all the pages into the machine and print them out from the side.

Example 1:

If you need to photocopy a page or pages from a book, open the tray of the printer on top and lay content of the pages downwards on the glass as shown on Example 2 below. Make sure to close the tray down on the page/book and press start and it will begin to scan the content and print them out.

Example 2:


Basic Settings

Color: This option gives you the choice to use either black/white or colour. The printers in the college don't all do colour, as the CIT mono printers only do black and white.

Paper: Where you can choose what type of paper you want to use to print your content. The printers in the college only do A3 or A4

Zoom: This option lets you choose if you want to print the content from an A4 to an A3 sheet or vise versa.

Duplex/combine: Where you can choose whether you want to print a sheet of paper on both sides

A4 to A3/ A3 to A4

When you want to photocopy a A4 sheet of paper and convert it into A3, you go to zoom options in the Basic settings and choose option 141.4% A4 > A3 box located in the middle of the screen. To do A3 to A4, you choose 70.7% A3>A4 option box. The zoom section in basic settings has other options like zoom ratio, enlarge and reduce.

Duplex/print on both sides

If you need to copy two sides of a page and print them out, you go to Duplex/combine setting in the basic section. Make sure the content you want to copy and print is on top of the printer as shown in Example 1.

Duplex setting gives users the option to do the following

  • 1 - sided > 1 - sided: Copies one side of a page and prints that page only
  • 1 - sided > 2 - sided: Copies two 1-sided pages and prints on one 2-sided page.
  • 2 - sided > 1 - sided: Copies two sides of a page and prints the contents out separately
  • 2 - sided > 2 - sided: Copies one 2-sided page contents onto another 2-sided page.

Scan to email/Send Images To Yourself

If you need to scan images or content from a page or book and send them to yourself, the printing stations gives you the option to achieve this. To do this, go to the printing machine and open the tray, place contents of the page facing down on the glass. Now follow the steps below.

1. Press Fax/Scan key on the Printers interface screen.

2. The picture Above will appear when you press fax/scan key, all you do from here is click Direct Input on top. next to Address book.

3. At Direct Input, Select E-Mail and it will bring up another screen. Here, all you need to do is enter in your student/staff email address and press Start on the printers interface screen. The printer will copy/scan your paper or book and send it automatically to your email account. This is free of charge.