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IOS Backup & Restore Guide

Need to make a backup of your content to transfer onto another device?

Unsure of the steps required?

Follow this guide below to learn how to do this.

1 - iCloud Account: The very first thing you will need to do (if you have not done so already) is to create an Apple ID/iCloud account. Apple will allow you to create one for free with an iCloud email address e.g. ''.

I would recommend that you use a personal email address for the Apple ID. Reason for this is because should you forget your password, it will send an email to that separate email address otherwise it will send an email to the account you can't access, hence trapping you in a loop.

2 - Creating a backup: On the iPhone/iPad, navigate to 'Settings > your name/apple id > iCloud > Backup'. From here you will select 'Back up Now'. You should be able to see a list of items that will be backed up so make sure they are turned on. It might ask you to put in your Apple ID password to confirm this. Once done allow it to run the backup. 

    Note - Backups will work via Wi-Fi Only. Mobile Data does not work.

    Note - Apple only gives users 5GB of free cloud storage, so manage backups carefully.

Apple iCloud back up guide -

3 - Restoring: Once the backup is finished, underneath the Back up now button, you should see the time and date of the last successful backup. 

iPhone - The only way you can restore a backup on an iPhone, is to start from scratch AKA factory wipe the handset. This is because you can only restore the content of the iCloud in the initial set-up of the iPhone. This will mean deleting everything from that is currently on the handset, so anything added since the last backup will be deleted unless you do a new backup first.

Once you wipe the handset and are in the set-up menu, select Restore from iCoud in the 'Apps & Data' screen. From here you will be prompted to sign in with your Apple ID and this will then generate a list of all the backups on your iCloud from all devices connected to it. Select the backup you want and this will download everything onto the device. Once finished, complete the setup and once you are in the phone you will see all of the content in place and 3rd party apps will automatically download and install in the background.

iCloud Restore Guide -