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Adding staff email on ios devices (via 'mail' app)

Having trouble adding your staff email onto your iPhone/iPad via the built in 'Mail' app?

On IOS devices such as the iPhone etc, when adding a CIT staff email account to the handset via the ‘Mail’ app (Built – in app), it can generate the below error message upon sign in. 

‘AADSTS90094: IOS accounts need permission to access resources in your organization that only an Admin can grant’ 

In this case you will not be able to sign in successfully into your staff email using the default settings on setup. 


To resolve the above issue, select ‘Exchange’ on the setup. After you type in your username (cit email address), a pop up will appear with 2 options: 


1. Manually 

2. Sign In – This will bring you to the CIT webpage where you sign in and then generates the above error. 

Select 'Manually' and enter the details as seen the screen below. 


Leave the Domain blank and enter ‘’ as the server address. 

Once completed, select Done’ and on the next page select ‘Add’. This will then return to the settings page and you should now be signed into your CIT staff email account on the ‘Mail’ app.