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Have you tried Microsoft Findtime Add-in?

Have you received an email and need to arrange a meeting as a result? 

Having a problem finding a suitable time for everyone to attend? 

Why not try Microsoft Findtime outlook add-in

How to do this, from within your outlook select Get Add-ins button from the top ribbon 


Findtime once added will created a new icon across the outlook application ribbon. Located as standard to the right of the 'Get Add-Ins' button

Taking that email you just received and now to try and find a suitable time for you all to meet. Highlight the subsequent email and select 'Reply with Meeting Poll' button in the ribbon. 

This will open another column from Findtime where it will display dates in the future and times suitable for your meeting. 

Findtime examines all parties included in the email and you can quickly see what times people are available. You will note from the image below that out of the two people in the email one of the members is not available between 9-10am as they are flagged in red. 

You can also change the view to availability where it will only show times that all parties are available and remove time slots which are marked as busy or unavailable. 


Select the relevant time slots that you want to poll against and select next. Set the location of this requested meeting and select the 'Insert to Email' button. 

As you will see below the poll will be directly inserted into the original email as a reply asking for all relevant parties to respond and select a meeting option. 

Just to note, Findtime also works for when creating meeting requests where you can add all members to the meeting request and then select the findtime icon on the ribbon to create a new meeting Poll.