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Adding Interesting Calendars to your Office 365 Account

Did you know you can add interesting calendars to your Office 365 account?

Are you a sports fan, you can add event calendars from soccer to rugby, from formula 1 to Cricket. 

Sounds good doesn't it?

Its very simple, log into your Office 365 account as normal click here

Once successfully within your account navigate to your calendars. The calendar icon is located in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. 

Select 'Interesting Calendars' from across the top ribbon.

Select the relevant interest you have, is it an premiership football team or maybe its a rugby team or league you want to follow. 

From the right hand column select the calendar you want. 

Are you interested in the upcoming Six Nations Rugby Tournament. Here is how to add a calendar with details of all the games. 

From within your calendars you will now have an additional calendar both within your Office 365 and local to your outlook