#AreYouPatchedGREEN (Mac Users)



Target Audience: CIT Mac Users


As you are aware, significant work has been done on our awareness campaign #AreYouPatchedGreen. Recent updates have been aimed at informing the Windows community (laptops and pc’s) of the progress made with SCCM and automated updating and patching of windows machines.


In this regard, significant progress has also been made on a similar technology for the Mac community, Casper, which is aimed at automatically updating all CIT owned Mac machines.


Introducing Casper

The CIT management solution for all Apple hardware is a JAMF product called Casper Suite, this system is designed provide easy access to software updates for staff and assist Technical Officers with the machine setup process. The system in CIT is configured and administered by Leo O’ Sullivan (Technical Officer) with the CCAD IT Team who has worked extensively with JAMF to ensure a high quality service for Mac users. While Leo has been the primary orchestrator of getting this wonderful package working for CIT, I also want to recognise the fantastic contributions made by Carol Lynch, Sean O’Callaghan, John O’Halloran, Seamus MacNamara and Joanna Shuks in getting us to this important juncture. I am convinced that Casper will not only add significant protection to our Mac users, it will also provide seamless feature sets which will make the user experience for our Mac community much more positive.


Your Machine  

To avail of the automatic updates and management features of Casper, your machine needs to be enrolled in the system. The easiest way for you to check if your machine has already been enrolled in Casper is to look in your Applications folder for the Self Service application.


Casper Self Service

The Self Service Feature in Casper allows users to install commonly used software applications on their own device and also provides shortcuts to many CIT services. When the application is launched users can login using their CIT credentials and choose what to install.

Apple Updates and Policies

Due to recent Cyber threats and to further improve our security, Casper has been configured to automatically install operating system updates as well as updates to Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers. When you logout of your machine you will see a “Checking for Policies” message. If there is an update or policy available for your machine it will automatically be installed.


NB: Please check with your local technical team or the IT Servicedesk to confirm that your Apple staff machine is enrolled in Casper.