Changes to Microsoft Windows update deployments for CIT staff devices



Over the last number of months, the IT Services team have been developing a more automated and streamlined approach for updating software and managing security settings for Windows computers across the Institute with a solution called Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).


As part of this implementation we are changing the method by which the Institute windows devices will receive essential windows update patches. 

Upon connection to the CIT network a new piece of software (Software Center) will install on your machine (if not already completed).


The SCCM software will now notify you using a pop up box that Windows update patches are available for installation.

Windows update patches are tested and approved centrally by IT Services in advance before deployment out to staff devices.


Once the pop up box appears, staff can decide to install these manually by clicking on Start, Programs, Microsoft System Center, Software Center.




The system has a deadline by which they must be installed, if they are not installed manually, they will be automatically installed within 2 days of deployment.

This deadline will be set on the SCCM central system.

Staff will be informed that updates have been installed and that the device will reboot in 30 minutes, thus giving staff a chance to save documents they are working on.



We have already successfully tested this with Admin staff and NMCI.


We will push these updates out from the new system to the rest of the CIT staff windows devices on Tuesday 25th July.

We will use the SCCM compliance reporting tool to identify devices that have not received/installed updates.


If you have any queries regarding Windows updates, please log a call by emailing







Teresa Murphy

Senior Technical Officer,

IT Services,

Cork Institute of Technology,

Rossa Ave.,