Strengthening of Password Complexity for your main CIT Password



Arising from one of our regular security audits of our IT systems, an opportunity was highlighted where we could further strengthen our password standard for staff on their main CIT account. This is also consistent with our new password standard document. This is not all of your passwords, merely the one you use to log into your CIT PC/Laptop each day. This additional strengthening will ensure we reduce the risk of data loss or service loss as a result of hacking or phishing activities.

What does this change mean for me?

Currently the password complexity setting forces you to incorporate the following three items into your main CIT password:

1. Lower case / Upper Case letters

2. Numbers

3. And be a minimum of 7 characters long

We will strengthen the password complexity setting and this will force you to incorporate the following four items into your main CIT password:

1. Upper case letters

2. Lowercase letters

3. Numbers

4. And be a minimum of 8 characters long

We will be strengthening the password complexity setting Monday 3rd of November.

Does this mean I have to change my password on or before Monday 3rd of November?

No, for the majority of users there will no immediate effect, as our current policy only forces staff to change their password every 75 days. It is only when your password is due to be changed (after Nov 3rd) that the system will force you to enter a more complex password.

Additional Details that will help you

Our password self-service website is:

If you have not already signed up for this service, we encourage you to do so. This service will automatically inform you via email of your password expiring 7 days prior to this taking place. When you change your password via the self-service option, you must also change it on all other devices that you use to access CIT email or the Eduroam wireless service. If you do not update your password on these devices, their stored details will be out of date. Your account will get locked out and you will be unable to log into any of the CIT IT systems.

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Jonathan McCarthy

IT Manager

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