Essential Maintenance Window (CIT Microsites Content Freeze) - Thursday 29th May

Dear Colleagues,

IT Services Maintenance Window (Thursday 29th May 2014 00.01 – Friday 09.00)

Scheduled maintenance window will begin on the primary CIT website Thursday 29th May 2014. Further details below:



Content Freeze on CIT Microsites



Thursday 29/5/2014 00:01


Friday 30/5/2014 09:00



There will be a content freeze on CIT Microsites on Thursday 29th May 2014 due to the migration to a new server. Staff will not be able to login to the Content Management System of these websites during this time to make changes. The websites will remain available to be viewed by the public during the migration. Some of the websites listed below are in development and do not have any public impact. The following websites are being moved: (under development) (under development) (under development) (under development) (under development) (under development)

• Test and Development websites 




The website will be viewable to users as normal during the transition to the new server infrastructure. All other CIT websites are unaffected at this time.








Thank you for your co-operation in advance.

If you have any questions regarding this Maintenance Window please do not hesitate to contact or log a support call via our IT Support portal located at .

IT Services Department