Essential Maintenance Window Open - Friday 28th February - Monday 3rd March 2014



IT Services Maintenance Window (Friday 28th February - Monday 3rd March 2014)



We need to carry out essential preventative maintenance on one of our email servers and its associated storage starting next Friday morning.

Due to the amount of work involved, this process will take Saturday & Sunday to complete.


As we have a second email server, all mailstores will be failed over to that and email should work for the duration of the maintenance.

Public folders/calendars will not be available during this work.

We do not envisage any other issues but we cannot guarantee this.






Essential Maintenance on mail server and associated storage 



Friday 28th February 2014 10am


Monday 3rd March 2014 11am


Work plan

Ensure all mailstores are failed over to other mail server

Shut down mail server

Migrate server to new SAN datastore

Migrate mail stores to new SAN datastore

Power-on mail server

Test performance


Public folders/calendars on Outlook will be unavailable for the duration





Email will not be affected



Thank you for your cooperation in advance.


If you have any questions regarding this Maintenance Window please do not hesitate to contact the IT Servicedesk at