Card System Rebuild - Maintenance window open



You will be aware from my last Card System email, on 9th October, that we took the decision to rebuild the system from scratch. A cutover date of Friday 25th October was agreed to bring the new system online and shutdown the old system. This date was chosen to minimise the impact as much as possible.


We will start the work at midnight tonight (Thursday 24th) and take a copy of the data in the card system from the existing system. From midnight tonight through Friday 25th October there will no access to the card system for anyone.


During this period, the following systems will not work:

·  Card production (production of staff or student ID cards)

·  Payment with CIT card at tills in shops or canteens (these will still accept cash)

·  Web top-up

·  Print/copy facilities (printers not requiring a card will continue to function)

·  Carpark barriers (these will remain up)


This will affect the operation of the Copy Centre and the Card Office.


As soon as we are happy that everything is working again we will inform everyone accordingly.


We wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience over the last few weeks in putting up with the intermittent outages.



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