Non Urgent Laptop/PC Rebuilds




As you will appreciate, September is an extremely busy month for our IT Servicedesk staff as students and staff commence the new semester. Registration and induction for new students will be taking place from Monday to Friday next week (9th – 13th), and the Servicedesk staff will be very involved with this process by providing IT Support for the duration of registration and giving presentations on the IT Services available to students at each induction session.


We are down 3.4 staff members in the IT Services Department since the last academic year which necessitate some changes to our service delivery model. We want to ensure we offer you an efficient and effective service and in order to do that we must prioritise our workload.


How can you help us?

Because of the extra workload due to registration and startup of academic year, please do not drop in pc’s or laptops for re-imaging or new pc/laptop, which are non-urgent, for setup in the  2 weeks. Only urgent re-imaging calls can be added into the queue of other calls. PC/Laptop reimages are very time consuming and, in particular for non-urgent requests, will mean that IT Services Support cannot be provided to areas which may need it more urgently. This would not be an efficient or effective provision of the service you require.


From Thursday 26th September on, Servicedesk will be doing staff pc/laptop rebuilds on Thursdays & Fridays. Please  note that this is only for equipment that has a CIT asset tag and not personal pc’s/laptops. This is to ensure the Servicedesk staff can prioritize their workload appropriately.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Servicedesk staff for running the Servicedesk so competently, for their support and assistance to all of us in IT Services and for the excellent service they provide to staff and students alike. We are making some changes to the process and technology we use to provide this service and you will hear more about this in the coming days and weeks.




Jonathan McCarthy

IT Manager




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